What is this all about, anyway?

Public Type Works enables type designers to get paid for the creation of new open source fonts while giving supporters immediate downloads to the work in progress.

Why are these fonts for sale now if they will eventually be free?

Because none of the projects on this site are open source, yet. Each project here has a financial goal to supplement the corresponding design and functionality goals. Until that financial goal is met, the font will remain limited in terms of its capabilities and its licensing. If the project succeeds in reaching its financial goal 🤞 the foundry will then complete work on it and release the final version with an Open Font License (OFL) which also includes access to the source file(s)! Supporters will be emailed with the official release.

How can supporters use the beta fonts?

Supporters will instantly receive the in-progress font file(s) which may vary per project. Some typefaces might include multiple weights and styles, while another might only include one. This often determines the minimum support price. Supporters can use these files in production for print and web commercial purposes, but only on workstations/servers/websites under their control. Meaning: the font files are not sharable with your co-workers/friends. Supporters should encourage people they know who would use the font to contribute on the project page, which will also get it closer to its goal.

What if a typeface here never meets its goal?

Supporters of project get to keep the beta files that they received when they contributed, but they don’t get a refund. Type designers can choose to pull their project(s) from this site if their goal is not met.

Why not use Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is cool but by doing this ourselves we cut the middle-person, saving transaction fees (8-10% of the total amount, which is not insignificant). We also don’t need a time limit for projects and don’t want creators to stress over a video. This also allows foundries to get paid for the work they’ve already done. And because of that there are no “failed” projects here. So unlike Kickstarter where as a backer you only pay if the project succeeds, here you pay immediately but you also get an instant download of the font in progress.

How is this different than Future Fonts?

Glad you asked because we love Future Fonts. That platform is inspiring and full of beautiful type from talented people. Their model also gives early access to beta files. There are two main differences: 1) if a project here meets its goal, it will no longer be for sale or looking for funds. It’ll be free for everyone. 2) While we also deliver work in progress font files, there are no expected updates here unless the project goal is met. Fonts on our site are as-is until the project is funded.

I make fonts and I want in.

Great, we have an application process for that but are starting small with a limited number of designers. Note: this isn’t a collaborative type design process unless you’re part of a group/foundry. The designers here are making their own work unassisted.

Can I ask you something?

Absolutely, just fill out this form below 👇